Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


“Intimate Realities and Necessary Fictions in Percival Everett by Virgil Russell.African American Review 52.1 (2019): 47-60. - link


“Disloyal to Civilization”: Metafiction as Protest in Gina Apostol’s The Gun Dealers’ Daughter.” MELUS: Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States 43.4 (2018): 104-126. - link


“Floating Languages: Loh’s Breaking the Tongue and the Consequences of Historical Fiction.” Postcolonial Text 13.3 (2018): 1-17. - link

Milne South Atlantic review peer-reviewed journal article

“Choosing Displacement: Scalar Variety, Fictional Memoirs, and the American Dream in Mona in the Promised Land and American Son.” South Atlantic Review 80.1-2 (2015): 42-61. - link

Leah Milne College Literature peer-reviewed journal article

“‘Hybrid Vigor’: The Pillow Book and Collaborative Authorship in Ruth Ozeki’s My Year of Meats.” College Literature: A Journal of Critical Literary Studies 42.3 (Summer 2015): 464-487. - link

Leah Milne CLA peer-reviewed journal article

“Choosing Africa: The Importance of Naming in Beloved and The Poisonwood Bible.” CLA Journal 55.4 (June 2012): 352-369. - link

Leah Milne podcast interview
Leah Milne podcast interview
Leah Milne edited peer-reviewed book chapter

“The Melting Pot Boiled Over: Hawaiian Identity and Self-Authorship in Lois-Ann Yamanaka’s Name Me Nobody and Blu’s Hanging.” Growing up Asian American in Young Adult Fiction. Ed. Ymitri Mathison. University Press of Mississippi. Nov 2017. 187-206. ISBN: 9781496815064 - link

Book Chapters

Online Articles

“Reflections on Teaching Poverty & Wealth through American Literature.” Pedagogy and American Literary Studies. 22 Jan 2019. - link


“Activism and ‘Good Trouble’ in the March Trilogy.” Black Perspectives: African American Intellectual History Society. 14 Dec 2016. Peer-reviewed blog post for the African American Intellectual History Society. - link

Leah Milne peer-reviewed blog post

“Out of a Concern for Justice: Ghosts and Racism.” Peer-reviewed blog post for Critical Ethnic Studies Journal. 12 Sept 2015. - link

Leah Milne peer-reviewed blog post

“(In)Visibility, Race, and Ethnicity in American Women’s Writing throughout the Twentieth Century.” U.S. Studies Online: Forum for New Writing. 6 Mar 2015. Guest blog post for the Society for the Study of American Women Writers and U.S. Studies Online. - link

Leah Milne peer-revewed blog post
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